Wadi Sahtan

It is considered one of the deepest valleys in the Sultanate and its rocks are of the oldest rocks that have been created 600 million years ago and is one of the beautiful tourist areas in the state as it has many natural views and fresh water especially in the winter. People of Wadi Sahtan work in agriculture craft where they plant the lemon trees and quince and they also practice weaving craft and beekeeping to get honey.

  • The villages of Wadi Sahtan are populated, so as to be appreciated by the people of this area remain quiet and adhere to good morals.
  • Keep the places you visit clean.
  • Some villages of the valley as a village of entertainment has many services that interest the tourist, such as small cafes and small shops.
  • There are no Fuel stations or ATM machines in the wadi, so take enough cash money with you.
  • ATM cards may not be accepted in these stores.
  • Some mountain villages like Wajmeh need a 4WD car, do not try to use Sedan cars to reach there.