Balad Seet Village

Balad Seet Village is one of the most important tourist destination in Rustaq City, where it has breath-taking views that you can not find elsewhere, the vegetative terraces are in harmony with the flowing of the water through the streams from the foothills of the mountains.

Balad Seet village is famous for some fruit and vegetables planting such as pomegranate, garlic and some other products. This village is the destination of many tourists to practice climbing and adventure hobby, as well as for lovers of mountain walks.

– Balad seet is a residential area with a population of 595 people, so as to be appreciated by the people of the village be quite and abide by good morals.

– The village can not be reached by small cars, only four-wheel drive vehicles should be used across the dirt road.

– The road is very rugged and it is not recommended for those who can not drive in the highlands to drive their own cars.

– keep the place clean.