Al-Hazm Fort

Al-Hazm Fort in Rustaq is one of the most beautiful and luxurious Omani forts, which was constructed in the age of Alyarybah state, during the reign of Imam Sultan bin Saif al-Ya’roby, the fifth imam of the Alyarybah state, which ruled Oman from 1624 to 1738 CE, in a period that is considered as the beginning of forming a prominent naval force, having a commercial and political impact thereafter, extended southward to the east coast of Africa, to the coasts and islands of the Indian Ocean. Despite the luxurious architecture of this fortress, which confirms its military persistence, it has many aesthetic and compassionate touches, from its location amid a shady mound, surrounded by palm trees on the outskirts of Al Hazm village, and its water-filled mouth, like a small river, where it passes inside the fort, then to the outskirts of the village, through saqiet which is considered another innovation in Aflaj engineering.

–         The fort is located in a residential area, so as to be appreciated, remain quiet and adhere to the good morals.

–         Comply with the visit instructions.

–         Keep the place clean.

–         There are services near the station next to the fort including restaurants and shops.

–         There are no ATM machines near the fort, so take enough cash money with you.