Hoqain Waterfalls

The most prominent tourist sites in the state of Rustaq is Hoqain waterfalls that attract thousands of tourists from citizens, residents and visitors to the Gulf Cooperation Council countries due to the nature and splendor of the place. Hoqain waterfalls are located in the Hoqain district of Rustaq state, about 40 km away from the city and 150 km away from the capital Muscat. It is bounded from the north by the state of Al-Suwaiq and from the south by Wadi Bani Hnei of Rustaq state and from the east by Rustaq City, and from the west by the villages of Wadi al-Hajir and Wadi Hayli.

–         Hoqain waterfalls are located in a residential area, so as to be appreciated, remain quiet and adhere to the good morals.

–         Keep an eye on your kids.

–         There are no ATM machines in Hoqain waterfalls, so take enough cash money with you.

–         Payments using ATM cards are not allowed.

–         Keep the place clean.